Monday, October 13, 2008

Homemade decorations and the meeting of the parents...

Growing up we always had the BEST decorations, especially when it came to Christmas. My favorite decoration is our Advent wreath. It was handmade by my mom when her and my dad were first married, and its a felt wreath with a bag that holds 25 pieces like a snowman, angel, santa head, and a baby Jesus. Every day my brother and I took turns putting on the pieces knowing that we couldn't put Santa on until the 24th, and baby Jesus on until the 25th. I still remember fighting over the pieces and who's turn it was ha ha.

Well today my mom and I were shopping at Joann Fabrics when I came across a felt advent calendar kit for 50% off, plus we had an additional coupon for another 50% off. I decided to get it because I hope when I have a family of my own they will enjoy something like this as much as I did. I know I'm nowhere near close to having a husband or kids, but I thought why not start making stuff while I still can. The only thing I wish this calendar had was a baby Jesus to hang on the 25th, but I'm thinking I might be able to be creative sometime and make one on my own. My favorite ornament is the penguin ha ha, and I love the sequins that is has to give it that Christmas sparkle. I know its going to take me forever to hand stitch everything (heck it took me 2 hours to embroider the numbers 1, 2 and 3 ha ha) but I don't mind. Oh and I love that all the pieces can fit in santa's sack on the bottom. Here is a picture that I found of my kit when its completed:

In addition to my fabulous new project, last night my parents took Brian and I out to dinner. It was the first time Brian met my parents, minus the 2 times my mom was in the car and he was also outside. I had a great time at the Chancery, and my parents think Brian is delightful and amazing. It was odd because my parents are very much supportive of our decisions (as long as they're legal ha ha) even if they think we're making a huge mistake. For example, they gave permission for Steve to propose to me even though they hated Steve and my mom knew that he wasn't "the one" and I didn't know the latter until yesterday after dinner. However, in this case she told me that she thinks Brian and I are excellent together and that even my dad thought we were cute together...precious.

I'm glad that they really do like him a lot. Even if they didn't it wouldn't really change much, but I could tell they didn't really like Steve way back when. They never really got to know Devon, which would be my next most serious relationship, for my mom only met him once when I was moving, but I think it would have ended up being another Steve situation (not because they wouldn't like him cause he's great and my mom did like him, just that he wasn't "the one"). Gosh I'm a lucky girl to be with an amazing boy whom my parents adore, yay for Brian!

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