Saturday, October 11, 2008

Breaking the law!

Tonight I broke the law...sort of. You see Brian and I had this great night planned out where we were going to get pizza, eat it at my house, and play games. All was going according to plan, we had our pizza and we were almost to my house when I realized I didn't have my keys because I hadn't driven to work (my mom dropped me off and Brian picked me up because yes once again my car is broken). Ergo, tonight I broke into my house.

It was quite entertaining actually and I couldn't stop laughing. I have broken into my house before but it has been a while. First I popped off the screen to my brother's room's window, but then I realized the window itself was shut and locked. I contemplated doing my room but a.) the window is higher off the ground, b.) theres a giant flower box in the way full of flowers, and c.) there's nothing under my window to catch my fall (my brother's bed is right below the window). Brian then realized the kitchen window was open so we popped off that screen, I took off the curtains so they wouldn't be damaged in my crawling, and I crawled through. I was nervous I wouldn't fit but I did :)

Needless to say it was extremely entertaining to me, and definitely a good start to our night. I ended up losing at Wii tennis and Wii baseball so I'm protesting Wii sports.


Lindsey said...

woot! steve and i had to break into our old apartment twice... :) Didn't you and me try to break into the house on 200 South...or am I making that up... ??

The Robinson Family said...

That sounds pretty exciting. It is always fun to do that kind of stuff.