Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I want to be a detective!

Today at work I got to play spy and it was fun. Ok it wasn't really that fun, I was highly afraid I was going to get poked in the eye with an acrylic nail, but I survived. See these 2 ladies came in with GINORMOUS purses, which were was very shifty looking. So then my manager said to keep an eye on this one lady so i was following her around conveniently straightening stuff where she went. Well she kept taking things off of the hanger instead of carrying it around on the hanger, and she was getting REALLY annoyed with me. Then the other lady intercepted, asking for stuff that was on the kids side of the store (its really 2 stores in one, theres an opening inbetween them, but still you can tell its two separate stores) so me catching on to their shifty game sent her over to the kids side without walking her over (which is kind of against the rules...we're supposed to show them what they want). Well in the end, mostly due to my manager's skills the one lady I was originally following ended up shoving a pile of clothes into her arms saying she didn't want them...well duh its cause you couldn't steal them. The other lady left and just said she'd be coming back with her son to try them on, and conveniently she never came back.

Are people really that stupid and desperate? I mean come on its not like we're moronic and can't catch on to their shifty ways. To top it off about an hour later a girl i was working with found 5 security tags hidden in a pile of toddlers clothing. See now this is where I think Gap is retarded. Instead of using the plastic pin sensors like most places, they sew the sensors inside the clothing and you cut them off when you get it home. Well now we realized today that you really can just rip the sensors out pretty easily because thats just what they did. I hope I don't get into trouble for sharing that to all you future shoplifters, but obviously they've figured it out by now. Ugh people make me mad.

However I don't think I'd make a very good detective because after work i was walking to my car and walked right by Brian who was waiting by the entrance to the mall for me. In my defense I was more focused on the fact I just got a paycheck and my feet were killing me. I love surprises though so i was so happy to see him. He took me to Paciugo where I got yummy watermelon, grapefruit, and lime italian sorbet. I love treats and surprises, he's so great! I hadn't gotten to talk to him in a few days because I worked til Midnight on Monday, and til 1 am yesterday, so I was SUPER happy to see him. I'm a lucky girl!

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