Saturday, October 25, 2008

Vacay 2008!

I just had the most amazing 4 day vacation to the Wisconsin Dells with my loverly boyfriend Brian. He had a conference for lawyers in Wisconsin who own solo or small firms, and I got invited to come with. I decided to make this an easier to read post, that I'll post it day by day :) full of our adventures. Fair warning, it might get a little lovey-dovey sappy. Oh and for the record all pictures for this post were taken off of flickr.

Brian's conference technically didn't start until Thursday, but we decided to go up Wednesday so he could enjoy one day/night without lawyerly stuff to do. We didn't stay at the Kalahari for financial reasons (its ridiculously expensive), but we stayed at Ho-Chunk which is a hotel/casino/bingo hall.

Upon arrival and checking in, we decided to go play Bingo since its one of our little things we like to do, and it was half-price. Lets just say...Potowatomie is so much cooler and smoke-free. It was sad to see all the people who were 80 and chain smoking and on oxygen and coughing crap up. We didn't win either, but it was still fun. We didn't win at the slot machines

So Brian loves Pizza Hut and we decided with a half hour left before they'd close, we would go there to get dinner. I was so sure that there was a pizza hut right across from the hotel and so we tried for FOREVER to find the address online. It turns out it was just a billboard, oops! It was funny though at the same time.

Also this night I told Brian that I loved him for the first time. Sappy, I know, but it made me all sorts of happy :D

We got to the Kalahari and walked around for a while, and I made a spa appointment. Let me just tell you I had the BEST time at the spa. The girl who did my feet was way nice and we talked the whole time without it being awkward. She did an extra good job, and made my leg massage, exfoliation, etc last a half hour longer than it should have. It was great!! Plus you get to keep the polish bottle (full sized), and all the nice spa files and buffers they use on your feet.

That night Brian took me to a surprise dinner at the creepiest looking restaurant. It was rated really well for food quality, and the food really was great. I had BBQ chicken and potatoes, we shared some beef tips, and Brian had fettucine alfredo, all of which were SO tasty. Take a look for yourself at the outside and decided your feelings on going there if you were to drive past:

That night we also played in the waterpark some. We stuck to the wave pool, lazy river, and hot tub (my fav! it had waterfalls running down into the hot tub). That night we also got a late night snack and the yummiest margaritas at this little lounge in the lobby.

I had a banana margarita, he had a strawberry one, and if you drank them both at the same time it was extra yummy.

I didn't really do anything during the day. Brian and I had lunch at the same place we had a late night snack, and then I relaxed. We finally made it to Pizza Hut (a real one, not a billboard) for dinner, and got carrot cake late at night from the Kalahari Bakery for a snack. We also re-visited the waterpark, and I convinced Brian to go on one of the big waterslides. He's not a huge fan so i was really lucky he did that for me twice! Next time I'll get him to go on the water rollercoaster. Here are some pictures from inside the lobby that we took too:

Today we had to leave :( and it was sad to go. So we prolonged our trip by taking the above pictures of the lobby, and going mini-golfing at a pirate themed golf course. It had 5 different courses, so we did two despite the very windy conditions, and I lost at both. It was a blast though because the second game was really close, and here are some pictures we took of that too.

This is what happens if you suck at Mini-golf:

And this is what you'll look like if you lose:

But you look super hot if you win:

And sometimes while golfing at Pirates Cove you'll come across a scary pirate!

And despite this state not having mountains, even golf courses look pretty in fall in Wisconsin

All in all it was an AMAZING trip that I think made me adore Brian even more. Oh and before you all go on thinking scandelousness was had, Brian and I agreed ages ago not to have sexual relations before marriage so don't worry it was a PG type weekend :) I'm the luckiest girl to have such an amazing boyfriend who will take me on trips like this.


Bill and Emily Grant said...

How fun! It's so fun to be able to go stay some place really nice... and not have to worry about the cost! My family has had the opportunity with my dads company some times!

I'm glad you had so much fun!

Lindsey said...

Thanks for posting!! Sounds like it was super fun!! And I think you need to come to Utah so we can meet Brian... or we can come day... :)