Monday, October 20, 2008

Go Pack Go!

So I was lucky enough to be able to figure out my work schedule and actually go to the Green Bay Packers game yesterday. It was a blast, like seriously one of the most fun things I've ever done. I was grateful that it wasn't that cold at all (it was in the 50's, maybe upper 40's) and that the rain held out until the drive home. Oh and of course I was SO happy that they kicked the Colts' bums by a lot. There were a ton of Colts fans there, suckers, it was nice to rub it in when the game was done. We were in row 54 but they were perfect seats because a.) its really not that far up and b.) you could see EVERYTHING. Here is a picture I took with my phone from our seats:

Oh and on Saturday it was Sweetest Day and I got a lovely card from my sweetie. It has the nicest message in it and I am absolutely aware of the fact I have the greatest guy EVER for a boyfriend. We also went to dinner at Uno's and it was way yummy. Then, for the first time in our 3 months of dating, we watched a movie. Like legit watched a whole movie doing nothing else ha ha. It was kind of weird cause when I've dated people in the past thats all we've done. We watched the Shawshank Redemption, which I hadn't seen, and its a GREAT movie. I highly recommend it, unless you're Mormon, then I suggest the edited version ha ha.

Less than 2 days until Brian's and my trip to the Kalahari Resort. I am so freaking excited that I can't stand it. Until I think about the fact I need to pack tomorrow and my excitement drops some. I even was told I don't have to work early Wednesday morning anymore so that brings up the excitement level again ha ha. Its going to be so fun, and I'm hoping Brian brings his camera so we can take lots of pictures for me to post!

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