Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My new room is pretty much done :)

So I finally got my room put together for the most part, though I do need to hang my mirror. Its been nice to change it because after living in Cedar/Utah for so long Wisconsin was just a place to visit. Now with my new room it feels like home. Here are some pictures I took :) Oh and sorry they're blurry, I was using my phone since I can't find my camera.

This is my pretty bed. I love my comforter so much!

This is what my window looks like, and my desk. I might do some rearranging but you get the general idea of how it looks. PS my dad made all my furniture, cool huh?

Here is my lovely closet. I hated closet doors when I was little so my mom would always make curtains to match the decor of my room...and I decided to keep the tradition alive. Oh and theres my dresser I painted. Above my dresser there will be a cool mirror that hangs by a ribbon...its cool.

This is another picture of my walls I guess...my cool necklace holder from bulloch drug that looks like a dress frame. It needs to be organized ha ha.

Lastly this is Edward the Hedgehog. You see my door (which ignore how beat up it is, and the molding too, they're being replaced this weekend) no matter what always swings shut unless you prop it open. I had a ceramic puppy I painted at summer camp when I was like 8 that I had used for forever...well it needed to be retired and I found this little guy at Kohls so he is now my doorstop.

There you go my lovely room is done. Other than that I haven't been doing much, just still trying to find a job...grrr. Tomorrow I'm cooking dinner for Bill and I am very much excited for that!

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The Robinson Family said...

Your room looks great!! I wish I could re-do ours. Nothing matches and it just doesn't look that great.