Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I Am Super Excited!

So, if all things work out as planned, I will get to see this on Friday!

Thats right, its Body Worlds! It ends June 1st at the Milwaukee Public Museum. I have wanted to go to that since it opened in Las Vegas, but never got a chance to go. Then I realized it was at the museum in Milwaukee. Tickets are super expensive, but Bill told me tonight if he doesn't have to work (he was supposed to have Friday off but got promoted yesterday so that jeopardizes things) that we could go. Yay for that, and I am happy he got a promotion, but I still hate that he has an important job (he is a finance advisor for Waukesha County...aka he does everyone's budget and looks over spending and all that stuff).

Keep your fingers crossed for me that we somehow get to go! I was supposed to cook dinner for us tonight, but sadly he got off at 6:30 instead of 5, and by that time we were both starving. Instead we went to Cousin's Subs and that was just as yummy :)

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Meet the Robinsons said...

Looks like a cool museum. I hope you get to go. So who is this Bill. You need to tell me all about him and post pictures. :)