Saturday, May 24, 2008

It could be psychological...

This place:

is evil...or maybe its just me. See I hadn't been to eat at the Water Street Brewery (which used to be one of my favorite places to eat in Milwaukee) since New Years Eve in 2004. Steve and I went before the Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Concert. Needless to say I spent most of the concert in the bathroom feeling like I needed to throw up, and it kind of was lame because I ended up throwing up all over some random persons front lawn in downtown Milwaukee (sorry random person but we had to pull over and thats where we did ha ha).

Anyway, last night Bill and I went there to eat because he really wanted to try the raspberry weiss beer they brew and serve there. I agreed and figured I could handle it, after all I've gotten over my Chili's fear after getting sick there too. Plus, we were going to the other location (in Delafield) and not the one Steve and I went to in Milwaukee. I decided to go with a chicken caesar wrap because hey what could go wrong with lettuce, grilled chicken, a tortilla and dressing (with a bonus of their homemade brewery chips!)...apparently something can go wrong.

We were "watching The Office" (I don't think I need to really explain the quotation marks ha ha) when a sudden urge to die came over me...luckily I made it to the bathroom and felt completely fine afterwards. Now...this could all just be psychological, you know the feeling how you can't eat certain things because you've gotten sick from them, but still I am re-boycotting the water street brewery.

Oh and for the record, I am getting a Wii because I ended up not getting a stimulus check back because I was claimed as a dependent, so as a present my parents are buying me a Wii to make up for it. Did you know they're still impossible to find? Yeah I didn't realize that...but I did see you can get Dance Dance Revolution for the Wii (yes I'm that much of a dork). Oh and I want the Mario Kart thing too...

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