Friday, May 16, 2008

It's a Sad Day for Feet...

So today I went to ye old Boston Store because quite frankly I had nothing better to do and my mom needed to go for other reasons. I got distracted in the shoe department and was talking to the sales person and he told me they're discontinuing my favorite brand of shoes, Bobbi Blu. I was very sad, and I know this seems trivial but I love shoes a lot because they always fit and even when I feel fat I can always put on my favorite shoes and they'll fit. These shoes are exceptionally fun because they are funky (as seen in the pair I posted about yesterday) but they're comfy and cute. Needless to say, I was crushed, and so my mom bought me two pairs ha ha. These are the two that I got. I've been dying for moccasins but they always look so trashy but these are cute styling moccasins :)

And then I really fell in love with these flats:

So thats my excitement for today, two new pairs of shoes. I also cleaned out everything from my room since we're painting it tomorrow. It created quite an awkward feeling in me after seeing everything I had in high school...I hope the feeling goes away soon! I am excited to paint and redecorate tomorrow!

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