Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Goals

So I have been really wanting to lose weight, but it always seems like such a daunting task. You see my goal is to get somewhere close to the weight I was when I started college and looked like this (sorry Adrienne I'm posting you in my blog ha ha...if you even read this):

Sorry its kind of small but thats me on the left about a month or so before I started college...yes I didn't wear make-up or do my hair...but thats not the point ha ha...this is just how I want to look (with better hair and make-up obviously).

I was talking to Bill about it tonight after getting kind of unjustly upset at him, and he said I should make smaller goals for myself, and he would reward me with presents! So these are the fun rewards I get:

Loss of 10 pounds: a new outfit (and he is aware Ann Taylor Loft is my store of choice...sucker...I hope he realizes how much it will be) and I've already chosen my outfit, and I want one of these tank tops:

with this jacket to go over it:

and some jeans, but jeans are boring to post a picture of ha ha...I wonder if shoes are included in this deal...hmmm...anyway

Loss of 20 pounds: a game for my Wii, I'm thinking I want this one because I remember playing Mario Party when I would go to Reno and loving it a lot!

Loss of 30 pounds: a new swimsuit and a trip to this awesome place:

Yes thats true, we'd get to go to Noah's Ark in Wisconsin Dells :D which is also known as America's Largest Waterpark! I haven't been there since I was like probably 8 or so, and I am super excited for that one.

Loss of 40 pounds: pretty much anything my little tiny heart desires ha ha ha...

I hope I can do this, I really want to do this, and I think this might help. Now losing 40 pounds wont get me close to where I want to be, nor even close to my weight before I started college at that, but its a good big goal to start with. Good thing I have my Dance Dance Revolution thing to incorporate to my work-out program ha ha!

Oh and I played too much Wii baseball today and now my pitching arm hurts ha ha! But it was fun to hang out with my parents, Brian, and Liz today :D I like Liz a lot, and I hope things work out with them because she would be an awesome sister-in-law to have, and since I only get one shot at a sister-in-law she better be freaking amazing.

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