Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fairy Tales

So i was telling my mom the other day after we watched 27 Dresses that I don't think I could ever find my "Dr. McDreamy" or any movie guy like that. She asked what about Bill, and I said that I couldn't ever see him being the type to just randomly send me flowers or do any of the cute things the boy in the movie did. Well, though I do agree when most people say movies just exaggerate those things, I caught a glimpse of Bill last night that I hadn't really seen yet.

If we were going out to dinner he would always comment on how I looked "very nice" which is totally a typical boy answer to be polite. Well last night we were just at his apartment watching the news when a news story came on about Eva Longoria and it was about her serving food at Wendy's (I'm not sure of the whole story, thats all i really remember). For reference she looked extremely pretty in the story (here's a picture of what she looked like, and I want her dress):

Anyway, so I made the comment "maybe when I lose enough weight I can be pretty like that" which I try not to do because I know it annoys guys. Bill turned to me and he's like "You're already that pretty". This really took me by surprise and made me think about some things. Why is it that girls always get gooey eyed when guys give them flowers and stuff like that...what do you do with flowers anyway? I realized that he said something that meant more to me than a dozen roses ever could. Maybe I need to step back and start putting things into perspective, like I don't need a McDreamy (hello, for all those who watch Grey's Anatomy you have to admit he's kind of a super big jerk, although I did practically cry during the Season Finale so whatever), instead I need to appreciate what I have right in front of me. Maybe I'll never get flowers, but I do get other things like these compliments and encouragement for my goals...which if you think about it are pretty freaking awesome!

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